Humanitarian Aid

7 reasons why ‘overseas aid’ is important for Ireland’s future

05 may 2015

There is plenty of evidence that international aid is making huge differences for millions of people around the world. UN and OECD reports show that aid from Ireland is helping to scale-up local efforts to save lives, educate children, develop liveli... Read more

Nepal Earthquake: Lessons learnt from responding to earthquakes

On Saturday 25 April 2015, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck the Himalayan nation of Nepal, killing over 3,000 people, destroying homes and buildings across the country and setting off a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest. Read more

NGO reactions to the Mediterranean migrant crisis

23 april 2015

An overview of Dóchas member statements on the crisis Read more

Thirty Years Ago, a News Video Shocked the World - Here's What We Learned About Famine Since Then

20 october 2014

By Hans Zomer (Article previously published on the Huffington Post blog) On 23 October, it will be exactly 30 years since a BBC report alerted the world to a famine in Ethiopia. Read more