Dóchas Conference 2018

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Dóchas is a network. A meeting place for organisations committed to tackling poverty and inequality around the world. Join us.


Get up to date with sector good practice standards and guidelines. Find out about the policy positions of Dóchas members and other NGOs on  overseas development and humanitarian topics.


Collaborate with other NGOs and development professionals on shared goals, and with the Irish govenment on policy issues, through Dóchas working groups. Raise awareness of development topics through campaigns and training events.


Incorporate good practice codes and guidelines into your organisations. Improve programme quality, coordination and learning. Use Dóchas development practice templates to grow your organisation.


Implementing the Fundraising Guidelines


Jim Howe is the Fundraising Standards & Operations Manager in Concern.

Blog: Derisking and Civil Society: Drivers, Impact and Possible Solutions


We are delighted to feature a guest blog this week from Sangeeta Goswami of the Human Security Collective on the issue of Derisking and how it is affecting civil society. 

Davy Charities Charity Insight Autumn 2017 - Effective Leadership is Essential to Navigate Change


Dóchas CEO, Suzanne Keatinge, shared some reflections from former South Afric

Dóchas submission on Brexit


Dóchas has produced a submission on the implications of Brexit for internatio

CONCORD AidWatch Report 2016


CONCORD's annual AidWatch Report assesses the quality and quantity of oversea

Attitudes towards development cooperation in Ireland


Dóchas members commissioned research in 2013 on public attitudes to developme