Why Join Dóchas?

Dóchas has two membership options - Associate Member and Full Member. To find out more about these options for joining please visit our Membership options page.

Being involved in Dóchas offers you:

  1. Collaboration & Learning
  2. Access & Influence
  3. Pooled Resources & Shared Analysis
  4. Visibility & Credibility
  5. Opportunitity to Shape the direction of Dóchas 

Collaboration & Learning

  • Engage as fellow members of an association with shared values
  • Work to Improve programme quality, coordination and learning between members
  • Get Advice on how to develop and future-proof your organisation
  • Meet your peers, network with senior staff and hear from technical experts

Access & Influence

  • Be part of a real movement for social justice
  • Engage with Irish Government and the EU on a wide range of policy areas
  • Strengthen your policy position by aligning with other NGOs/organisations
  • Raise Awareness and advocate for your specific priorities
  • Input into shaping the values that underpin Irish development work 

Pooled Resources & Shared Analysis

  • Build Skills and knowledge through Working Groups, meetings and training workshops
  • Promote events, employment/volunteering opportunities through the Dóchas weekly bulletin Wednesday News
  • Access Services available to members only such as analyses and policy positions, regular newsletters etc.

 Visibility & Credibility

  • Be formally connected with Dóchas campaigns and policy positions
  • Promote mainstreaming of certain themes or approaches to development
  • Demonstrate your compliance with sector-specific professional standards and help set the standards of the future
  • Benefit from the legitimacy the Dóchas network brings 

Shape the direction of Dóchas 

  • Full members are eligible to serve on the Board, which sets the strategic direction of the organisation
  • All members contribute to shaping the focus of Working Groups and the direction of advocacy efforts