Why Dóchas Members are Getting Involved in Climate Justice

Many Dóchas members have joined Stop Climate Chaos which is a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning to ensure Ireland plays its part in preventing climate change. Current members include development, environmental, youth and faith based organisations. Watch their Heads in the Sand initiative from earlier this year to see why this issue is so important: 

Here Dóchas members involved in the Stop Climate Chaos Platform talk about their reasons for joining this coalition and why they feel this issue is so important:

Afri: Afri joined the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition because we see this as one of the major issues facing humanity today. As confirmed in the recent IPCC Report, the poor of the world will be most seriously affected by Climate Change, and therefore any organisation that claims to be concerned about justice or development cannot afford to ignore it. 

Christian Aid: Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our planet. Poor countries are in the firing line - they are hit first and worst by its effects. Christian Aid is campaigning for the Irish Government to take urgent and immediate action to reduce our carbon emissions and to assist poor countries to adapt to climate change.

Comhlámh: Comhlámh is a membership organization open to anyone interested in social justice, human rights and global development issues. We see climate change as posing a significant threat to sustainable development, and the Stop Climate Change Coalition as the most effective platform to raise awareness of the issue.

Concern: Concern is witnessing first hand the impacts of climate change on the communities we work with. Already we see how the consequences are being borne disproportionately by the poorest people in the world. We are joining the coalition to bring their voices to the fore, to call for political leadership in Ireland and to support the poorest countries to adapt.

ECO UNESCO: ECO-UNESCO is Ireland's environmental education and youth organisation. We believe climate change is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. We work with young people who are concerned and frightened about the prospect of climate change but who feel disempowered because the issue seems so big. By working in this coalition we can make a bigger difference.

Gorta: Gorta implements strategic partnerships with some of the world's poorest communities focusing on food and water security, healthcare, education and livelihoods. We need radical action now to ensure that development successes in Sub Saharan Africa and the rest of the developing world will not be rendered useless in the face of the devastating consequences of Climate Change.

Kimmage DSC: Kimmage DSC is supporting Stop Climate Chaos because we believe that climate change is a Majority World development issue. Without urgent action, climate change is an increasing threat to world's poorest and most vulnerable communities and undermines Irish and international efforts to work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

National Youth Council of Ireland: NYCI has joined the Stop Climate Chaos coalition because young people are greatly concerned by the issue. Climate change will have an enormous impact on the lives of young people in Ireland and around the world and young people engaged in youth work want to see effective action taken to combat it.

Oxfam Ireland: Oxfam Ireland joined Stop Climate Chaos because we believe that climate change is a grave and fast increasing threat to the lives and livelihoods of the poorest people of the world, the very people whom Oxfam seeks to assist. Urgent action is needed to tackle this threat. Only by acting together we achieve the change necessary to prevent climate chaos.

Trócaire: In our work, the impact of global warming is already being felt. It is hitting the poorest, most vulnerable communities first and further undermining their ability to build sustainable livelihoods. Climate change is perhaps the biggest global justice issue of our time and one that requires political leadership.

Vita: Vita is an Irish international development agency with field offices in the Horn of Africa. Founded in 1989, and originally called Refugee Trust International (RTI), Vita's vision is to forge long-term international partnerships which bring an end to extreme poverty, reduce vulnerability and increase the sustainability of people's livelihoods by Building Sustainable Livelihoods.

See the Stop Climate Chaos website to find out more.