Dochas Submission to 2016 General Election Manifestos of Irish Political Parties

In the autumn of 2015, politicians across Ireland are slowly turning their attention to the next elections, which must be called at some point before 8 April 2016.

In preparation for the elections, the member organisations of Dóchas have come together to articulate their views on what is at stake at the elections. The result of our discussions can be found in the document below, and can be summarised as follows:

Irish policies are profoundly influenced by our global context and by the overriding challenge of our time: to find models of development that ensure prosperity not just for the few but for everyone, including future generations.

This Submission makes  recommendations to Irish Political Parties' 2016 Manifestos based on the Sustainable Development Goal Framework Of People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership, 

Read the full submission by downloading the document below.