Annual Conference Report 2014 - Protecting Public Trust - Preparing the NGO sector for changing times

02 May 2014

Dóchas decided to focus its 2014 annual conference on public trust, as a way of exploring the extent of the challenge, but also to highlight that the sector is in fact not unregulated or lacking transparency, nor that it is a homogeneous entity. The Dóchas members are proud of their diversity, and of the professional standards they share. They are fully aware that the sheer number of organisations in the not-for-profit sector can be confusing, and that the variety in their ways of working can make it hard for donors to determine the quality of NGO work. By focusing their annual conference on public trust and public accountability, they were hoping to highlight the importance of regulation and self-regulation, and to explore whether the Irish Development NGOs' commitment to transparency and accountability could prompt them to develop new initiatives or to re-think their public engagement strategies in the face of evidence of shifting public attitudes.