Development Effectiveness

Dóchas Conference: New Voices in Development

The Dochas Conference 2010, held on Friday 23rd of April 2010, provided a space for practitioners, newcomers and academics to discuss "New Voices in Development". Read more

Istanbul CSO Development Effectiveness Principles

The Principles for  Development Effectiveness as agreed at the Open Forum’s Global Assembly held in Istanbul, 2010. Read more

Towards Indicators Mechanisms for Development Effectiveness

7 principles towards indicator mechanisms for development effectiveness     Read more

Shared Principals for Effective Development

Dóchas learning brief on development effectiveness created for the Busan 2014 Conference. Read more

Dóchas Beyond 2015 Feedback on Final Draft Outcome Document

Response by Dóchas, as the Irish Beyond 2015 Task Group, to the Final Draft (also called the Revised Zero Draft) Outcome Document for the UN Summit to adopt Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. Read more