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The 2015 edition of the World's Best News was launched on Thursday 17th September as hundreds of volunteers around the country handed out free copies of the newspaper to the public.  

Didn't manage to grab a copy?

You can also check out The World's Best News here (click the image to read the paper): 

What's it all about

The World Best News initiative is a news information service which was started by Irish overseas aid agencies to draw attention to the positive and unusual stories from developing countries that don’t make it to the mainstream news, or which don’t receive much coverage. The aim of the news service is to change the perception of developing countries by highlighting these stories and so show the progress that is being made towards the eradication of poverty and hunger. As well as the annual print version, the news service also has online versions on FacebookTumblrInstagram and Flipboard, so please follow and share. 

Have a look a some of the images from around the country as it was handed out on the 17th:

Collage of images from the 17th September Worlds Best News Day

World's Best News Launch Barnardos Square with Dochas Members & Lord Mayor of Dublin

For more information on the World's Best News you could also read this blog post: "What the Media Forgot to Tell You" by Dóchas director Hans Zomer.

If you have a story you think would suit the World's Best News, please send them in to us by email to