Current Strategic Plan

Dóchas currently works on the following strategic objectives:

  • Priority 1: Build our ability to learn
  • Priority 2: Build our capacity to mobilise society
  • Priority 3: Strengthen our network   


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Overall objective: Build our ability to learn in order to maximise our impact.

Rationale: Development NGOs play a crucial role in the international community’s efforts to eradicate world poverty. Ireland’s Development NGO sector has a wealth of expertise and experience, built up over decades of partnering with people in developing countries. Dóchas wants to bring out the best of that experience, and assist the NGO sector in finding ways to maximize its impact.

What we want to achieve:

  • Irish Development NGOs have high quality relationships with all their stakeholders, and use those relationships to learn, improve their impact and meet quality standards.
  • Irish Development NGOs have the information and the skills to become highly effective agents of change.
  • Irish Development NGOs seek to achieve their mission at policy level as well as at programme level.


Overall objective: Build our ability to mobilise all levels of society to ensure Ireland makes significant contributions to global development.

Rationale: Ireland plays a strong role in international development efforts, through a combination of missionary services, civil society initiatives and the governmental aid programme. As a member of the European Union, Ireland also has a potential to effect change at global level. Dóchas seeks to ensure that all these efforts are effective and aimed at addressing the root causes of poverty, by coordinating and facilitating members’ ability to influence.

What we want to achieve:

  • A strong and vibrant Development NGO sector, that engages strategically with the challenges of poverty eradication.
  • Government policies that are informed by the experiences, values and concerns of Development NGOs and that have real and lasting impact on the lives of the world’s poorest people.
  • An effective and well-resourced government strategy to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Development NGOs, the Government and EU officials debate and work together to find ways to maximise the impact of Ireland’s Development efforts.


Overall objective: Strengthen the network’s effectiveness and accountability.

Rationale: If our aims are to be achieved, Dóchas needs to be an effective, legitimate and accountable organisation, with an engaged and representative membership. Dóchas needs processes for participation, leadership and representation that focus members’ energy. Dóchas will seek to learn from past experience andbuild on the strengths of its members, Board and staff.

What we want to achieve:

  • Dóchas leadership prompts member organisations to trust each other and work through the network to improve their impact. Dóchas is a well-resourced and effective organisation, trusted and respected by all its internal and external stakeholders.
  • Dóchas is an effective and accountable network that is central to the work of its member organisations.
  • Dóchas is the representative voice of the Irish Development NGO sector and is trusted and respected for the role it plays.