Annual Conferences

In recent years, Dóchas has hosted conferences on various topical themes.

Details of upcoming and past Dóchas conferences:

  • 2019: "Finding Our Voice: How Civil Society is Countering Uncertainty": The conference explored the key challenges facing international cooperation between now and 2030, and aimed to provide a space for discussion and new ideas about how we can shape the Irish response to these challenges, find opportunities within them, and build public support along the way. 

  • 2018: "Changing the Narrative: Building Support for Global Development": This year's conference was focused on the theme of public engagement. Over 200 delegates gathered in Croke Park, Dublin, to explore how we can communicate on international development and global justice in ways that engage and resonate with the Irish public. Delegates included representatives of Irish NGOs and civil society organisations, members of Government, activists and campaigners, academics, private sector representatives and more.

  • 2017: "Reclaiming the Story: connecting and amplifying voices for equality, solidarity and respect": The conference brought together global activists to assess how we should be responding to the dramatic challenges being posed by our new political reality – epitomised by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. We know the space for civil society to promote the values of social justice, and to campaign to tackle the root causes of poverty, inequality and climate change, is both changing and shrinking, but how then to reclaim our story?    

  • 2016: "The 2016 Irish Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals": We are at a unique point in history and what we do next will determine the future of the planet and humanity. The Summit asked critical questions about how Ireland can play its role in achieving these vital 17 goals to end poverty and fight injustice.

  • 2015: "Seek to innovate - Prepare for change". The importance of creativity in a new era for global development.  

  • 2014: "Protecting Public Trust - Preparing the NGO sector for changing times": focus was placed on the importance of regulation, transparency and accountability and on recent initiatives to help NGOs re-think their public engagement strategies in the face of evidence of shifting public attitudes. 

  • 2013: Transparency In Action aimed specifically at an NGO audience, this conference was attended by some 60 NGO representatives interested in tools to enhance NGO reporting methodologies.

  • 2012Creatively Communicating Complex Ideas About Development. Attended by the Minister of State for Development and some 95 senior representatives from Irish Aid, NGOs and communications companies.

  • 2011Guaranteed Irish”, targeted a more specific NGO audience, and examined changing roles of NGOs. The conference was attended by 75 sector leaders and academics.

  • 2010New Voices in Development". This conference, attended by the Minister of State for Development and some 120 representatives from NGOs, corporates and academia, was aimed at many of the initiatives outside the Development NGO sector.