Press Releases

New UN Report shows world is winning the fight against poverty

08 july 2014

On the day that the United Nations published a new report showing that the world is making huge progress in the fight against disease and poverty, Irish NGOs called on the Government to stop cutting the budget for overseas aid.   Read more

Irish NGOs urge newly elected MEPs to protect the world’s poorest people

27 may 2014

Dóchas, the umbrella body for overseas aid agencies, today called for the new Irish members of the European Parliament to use their roles to improve the lives of the world’s most marginalised people.   Read more

Irish NGOs urge the Irish Government to clearly state how it will meet its own 0.7% target on overseas aid

19 may 2014

Following an EU Council meeting in Brussels where Ministers reiterated their commitment to meeting the 0.7% GNI target on overseas aid but failed to take action on that commitment, Dóchas, the umbrella body of Irish NGOs, has said it is renewing its... Read more

Creation of Charity Regulator not enough, say Irish NGOs

01 may 2014

Dóchas, the umbrella body of Irish overseas aid agencies, today welcomed the announcement by the Minister of Justice of the appointment of the Board of the Charities Regulatory Authority, but expressed grave concern that the Regulatory Authority will... Read more

Irish NGOs recognised internationally for high standards in overseas aid

14 april 2014

A new international report has listed Irish development NGOs as being at the fore in the effort to combat poverty and hunger worldwide. The report also brings attention to key tools that the Irish overseas aid sector, represented by the umbrella body... Read more

Irish aid agencies call on the Irish Government not to abandon the world’s poorest people

02 march 2014

As the Minister for Trade and Development announces that Ireland will not keep its commitment to meet the UN target on overseas aid, Dóchas, the umbrella body for Irish aid agencies, has called on the government not to abandon the world’s poorest peo... Read more

Irish NGOs call for a human rights based foreign policy

05 february 2014

Irish NGOs have called on the Irish Government to take an approach to Ireland’s foreign policy which balances human rights and sustainable development concerns ith trade and economic interests.   Read more