Dóchas Awards Winners 2017: Bobby McCormack, Global Citizen of the Year

16 november 2017

Bobby McCormack of Development Perspectives was the winner of the 2017 Dóchas Global Citizen Award. We spoke to Bobby about his impressions on winning the Award and to learn more about his exceptional work for change.

Global Citizen of the Year

How did you feel when you found out you were nominated for a Dóchas Award? And how did it feel when you won?

Receiving word about the nomination was great news. I remember having one of those frustrating days involving lots of administration and finance issues when along came the mail from Dochas. Very welcome news.

Winning the award was a real honour. I was very surprised but also delighted and proud that work over the last few years was recognised and valued by peers. Spending the morning with friends and colleagues at the awards is a very positive memory, which will live on for a long time.

You won the Global Citizen of the Year Award – what is the most challenging part of your work, and what is the most rewarding?

The most challenging part of the work is trying to gather the resources. Luckily I`m surrounded by highly motivated and passionate people who work for very little in return. Otherwise the work of Development Perspectives wouldn’t be possible. I look forward to having some more resources in order to do an even better job.

The most rewarding part of the work is working with groups of people directly using education in a way that is interactive, participatory and challenging. Development Education can be transformative and to be present when that transformation is taking place – Now that’s a privilege.

Bobby McCormack & Suzanne Keatinge of Dochas

What’s next? What are you working on at the moment that you’re excited about?

I`m producing a documentary called “Three Countries”. We are making it for online dissemination. Fingers crossed, it will be ready around May/June 2018. The documentary examines the life and work of a group of Sisters from the Medical Missionaries of Mary. The story is so rich and layered, full of characters who have led very full lives.  DP has been working on this documentary for nearly two years now so I`m very eager to see how it resonates with people.

Who do you admire in the field? Name a few people who do similar work that you find inspiring, and tell us why?

I admire so many people who are active within the field of Development. I grew up being inspired by activists and campaigners from around the world but the more I`m involved in this work, the more I realise that it truly is a team effort.  That being said, I'm inspired by the work of  Dorothy Tooman, Ben Mongi, Vanessa Andreotti, Rene Susa, Satish Kumar, Dorothy Tooman, Idan Meir, Carmine Falanga, Manish Jain, Alais Morindat and Peter McVerry. Their work is always thought provoking, engaging and challenging.

On a day to day basis though, the team and colleagues I work with in DP inspire me for the simple reason that tenacity and commitment will bring you a long way in achieving impact in this sector. The team I work with have that in spades.

For more about Development Perspectives' work, visit www.developmentperspectives.ie