Dóchas Seeks Consultant - Research Project to uncover the Distinctive Value and Contribution of Small Development NGOs

24 june 2020

Dóchas is a network of Irish-based development NGOs, which functions as a meeting place of organisations committed to tackling poverty and inequality around the world. 

Through Dóchas, Irish Development NGOs and others come together to share their experiences, and to use those experiences to advance more effective ways to end all forms of poverty and injustice.  Dóchas aims to provide coherence to the sector, particularly in relation to shared messaging to key stakeholders like Irish Aid, the Charities Regulator and politicians.  We also help to identify trends to understand gaps and opportunities that will ensure our members’ work has the greatest possible impact.

Within Dóchas there are a wide variety of member organisations. We have recently established a Small Member group to focus specifically on creating and supporting a learning space for Small Members. For now the group is a self-created group in that any Dóchas member who perceives themselves to be small within the Dóchas context is welcome to join the group. The idea for this research emerges from that group’s conversations and reflections and the shared conviction that there is a case to be made for the value of small NGOs.

The purpose of this research is to support the Dóchas Small Member group to facilitate a short collaborative research  project to build a clearer shared understanding of the distinctive value of the work of small NGOs and to elaborate a clearer framework for presenting that work. This is intended to be a tightly focussed project concentrating on the discovery and articulation of what Dóchas members identify as valuable in their work and to build on what members already have. 

For an outline of requirements and to find out how to apply, please view full Terms of Reference below. Deadline for applications is Friday, 10 July at 5pm.