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In a rapidly developing technological world, the global project for improving sustainable development must utilise any and all means available for advancing this agenda. Information Technology (IT), or rather Information and Communications Technology (ICT), can assist with the improvement in standards of living for people all over the world.

For example, Chinese tech giant, Huawei, published a report that states that ‘Digital accelerates critical progress towards achieving the SDGs’, providing correlations between various SDGs and ICT. The three highest correlated are as follows:

SDG 4: Quality Education (73% correlation with ICT). ‘The path to a more sustainable future starts with education. Investment in ICT provides an effective and low-cost solution for children and adults to access information and educational resources. When everyone goes to school, education provides skills for life – and no one gets left behind.’

SDG 3: Good Health & Well-Being (71% correlation with ICT). ‘Up to 6 million children still die each year before their fifth birthday: from childbirth, lack of vaccinations or proper food. ICT infrastructure can improve health coverage, and provide access to affordable medicines and vaccines for all. Digital access can help make healthcare access a lifelong right for every person.’

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (65% correlation with ICT). ‘Digital connectivity has spread globally, but high-speed broadband is less widespread. Improved ICT infrastructure in rural communities, for example, can provide more equal opportunity, especially in under developed economies. With high-quality connectivity through ICT, the full potential of industries, infrastructure can make all our lives better.’

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