Human Resources

Following a meeting in December 2005, Dóchas members and other Irish Development NGOs set up a forum for the exchange of practice and experience in the field of Human Resources Management for Development NGOs.

The purposes of the Forum include:

  • To enable participants to touch base with each other;
  • To feed into and learn from other, non-Irish, networks;
  • To crystallise issues, to which 'service' organisations like DTALK and People In Aid can respond, eg organisational learning;
  • Be an information-sharing and learning environment;
  • Represent to government on proposed initiatives eg volunteering, rapid response.

Some of the strategic and practical issues identified by the group as meriting further reflection included:

  • Management and Policy Issues: People Management, Accountability systems, Dealing with Restructuring and establishing a clear HR identity for the Development sector.
  • General policy or legal issues: Reward policies and practice, Benchmarking and Equity issues.
  • Recruitment related issues: Recruitment, Retention and surge capacity in emergencies, etc.
  • Learning and development related issues: Learning and Training, Accreditation of aidworker skills.
  • Staff health, safety and security related issues: Stress Management, Security, Briefing, debriefing, counselling, Insurance & health cover

Key resources