"Who will pay for the SDGs?"- A meeting for Dochas members on financing the future of development

29 Fri, May 10:00 AM to 29 Fri, May 01:00 PM
In September this year, UN member states will agree the framework that will shape international development cooperation for the next 15 years. This new agreement will have direct consequences not just for Governments, but also for NGOs around the world. The "Sustainable Development Goals" will be fundamentally different from earlier global agreements on development, as they will apply universally, ie. in Ireland just as much as in developing countries. 
The UN estimates that the cost of achieving the SDGs will be about $ 3-5 trillion, and that ODA levels, currently at an all-time high of $130 billion per year, are clearly not sufficient. So the question facing anyone in global development is: how will we bridge the gap between the billions and the trillions? This meeting will consider these questions, and attempt to agree an advocacy position among all Dóchas members on "Financing for Development". 
Why now?
  • In July, UN members will meet in Addis Ababa to agree a framework for the financing of the SDGs.

  • Ireland will be represented at the summit, but has no clear stated position on Financing for Development

  • Ireland's ODA budget has fallen below 0.4% of GNI for the first time in a decade, and the Government has no clear position on how to reverse this situation.

Who should attend?
Staff and volunteers of Dóchas member organisations, interested in issues of aid, trade, taxation, debt and NGO funding.
Friday 29 May, 10 am - 1 pm, in Dublin.
Venue TBC
Please email Anna at  Anna@dochas.ie to reserve your place