Governance for INGOs in time of COVID-19 (Hosted by Dóchas)

16 Mon, Nov 01:00 PM

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Dóchas Event as part of Charity Trustees' Week

Governance for INGOS in time of COVID 19 (Hosted by Dóchas)


Dóchas is hosting an online webinar for Directors and Trustees of INGOs on Monday, 16 November from 1pm – 2pm.

The session is open to all Board members or trustees of INGOs.

It will provide a space for trustees and directors of INGOs to connect with other board members and learn about key Board foci in time of COVID-19.

Three speakers will give brief presentations addressing key governance challenges facing INGOs in 2020.

  • Orla McBreen, Director of the Civil Society and Development Unit within the Department of Foreign Affairs will address 1.  Irish Aid's perspective on governance challenges during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Dr. Susan Murphy, Chair Oxfam Ireland and Board member Oxfam international will address. 1. Where have we focused? 2. What are we doing differently? 3. Where will we have to concentrate our attention?
  • Niamh Callaghan, Partner with Mason Hayes Curran will address. 1. What do you see as priorities for Directors to focus on at this time? 2. Where directors are concerned about ‘going concern’ what restructuring options can they explore?

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