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(1) GAP Webinar Series: ‘Action on Global Citizenship’ Toolkit: 4pm, 1 April

Global Action Plan invite you to our FREE WorldWise Global Schools funded, 4 part Webinar Series for Secondary School Leaders and Teachers! We are taking you through our 'Action on Global Citizenship' toolkit so you can start setting you class active citizenship activities! Our trainings will provide an overview of the entire toolkit & resources. Each session will refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the WWGS Global Passport & reflection. Please RSVP here. Find out more or contact
- 1 April: Session 2: Exploring our ecological footprint & implications of climate change on global justice.
- 8 April: Session 3: Investigating causes of poverty and equality & examining climate change locally and globally.
- 15 April: Session 4: Building sustainable communities & creating campaigns for change.

(2) Virtual Learning Conversation: Managing Overload Amid Massive Change: 4pm, 1 April

Many NGOs and non-profits are experiencing increasing demands for their services while simultaneously facing more significant challenges in delivering those services. In response, they are implementing substantial changes to their strategies, their operating models, and their organizational processes. However, leaders report the conditions leading to the need for these shifts are occurring at a rate faster than their organizations can adapt, creating a feeling of overload among leaders and their staff. Join experts in a collaborative session exploring the implications of overload if left unchecked, identifying the conditions that can cause overload, and providing four steps leaders should take to manage overload. Find out more.

(3) STAND Webinar: Are Irish Colleges Places of Equality?: 7-8pm, 2 April

STAND’s #campusequality webinar will look at what is (and isn’t) being done in order to promote equality on college campuses across Ireland. You will hear from student representatives in four key areas: LGBTQ+ issues, ethnic minority issues, socio-economic issues, and disability/access issues. Find out more.

(4) PHAP Webinar: Operationalizing standards: Sphere and the COVID-19 response in camp settings: 10am-12pm, 2 April

As the novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, continues to spread globally, the risk it presents to populations living in camps and camp-like settings is growing. Camp managers are working quickly to adjust their programs to accommodate social distancing while continuing to communicate with communities and working with partners to improve communal sanitation. Sphere recently released guidance for how the Sphere Handbook can help guide humanitarian staff in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. But how should camp managers apply those standards and strengthen the prevention measures recommended by technical sectors? Join us for an organized by the CCCM Cluster and PHAP, to learn about COVID-19 prevention measures critical to the work of Camp Managers and others working in displacement settings. Find out more.

(5) GBV AoR Webinar: GBV & Covid-19: Ensuring Continuity of Essential Health Services for GBV Survivors during the Covid-19 Crisis: 9.30am, 2 April

Recent travel restrictions due to COVID-19 prevent the Regional Emergency GBV Advisors (REGA) team from providing their normal level of in-country support. Therefore, they have organized a series of short, field-oriented webinars to ensure that technical support is constant during this global crisis. The webinars will be held every Thursday throughout March and April. The target audience is members of national and sub-national GBV sub-clusters and working groups. Humanitarian actors in general are also welcome to join. Webinars will be delivered through Zoom and a link will be shared a couple of days before each webinar. Find out more.

(6) Adapting to Covid-19: Defending the Public Interest in Vaccines and Medical Development: 10-11.30am, 7 April, Online 

Access to Medicines Ireland will now hold their conference online via Zoom. The global health emergency caused by the new coronavirus outbreak should bring countries, international organizations, NGOs, investors and industry together to agree on a new social contract where industry acknowledges it cannot both have and eat the cake: If more public money is going to be spent directly on the development of new products and vaccines, the price of the products has to be closer to the marginal cost of production. Governments then need to keep their end of the bargain and invest in robust health systems to provide prevention, treatment, and care. Drug markets will not fix themselves. This web conference will examine these issues. Find out more.

(7) Forus Webinar:  New approaches, tools, and technologies for advocacy in civil society networks and coalitions: 2pm, 9 April

Advocacy is at the heart of the work of any civil society network like Forus and its members. In a rapidly changing world, the challenges to mobilize coalitions for change around increasingly complex issues are many. But so are the opportunities to use new approaches and technologies to support civic-driven campaigning and advocacy efforts. In this webinar, you will hear from practitioners who have been innovating in advocacy by using new processes, tools, and technologies to empower grass-roots movements, strengthen civil society coalitions, and turn network advocacy into more efficient and effective action. Find out more.

(8) COVID-19 Webinar: Trends in volunteering now: 11am-12pm, 14 April

Volunteer Ireland has developed a range of webinars and resources to increase the effectiveness of volunteer involving organisations at times of emergency. Episodic volunteering, mobile volunteers, virtual volunteers, cyber volunteers, volunteers in a time of emergency, are these all just buzz words or are they new ways in which we engage volunteers? 55% of people surveyed recently wish to engage in short term project-based volunteering so what can we as organisations do to engage with these volunteers? We'll discuss the trends around the world in volunteering and see how they apply to volunteering in Ireland. Find out more.

(9) Weekly Webinar Series - Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships: Friday’s at 1pm

This series of webinars will focus on healthcare professionals and overseas staff working in Global Health in the era of COVID-19. The webinars will be held each Friday hosting experts to discuss several COVID-19 topics relevant to health professionals working in global health. Topics over the weeks will include, but not limited to:  essential preparations for individual work in global health; how to assess the risks related to travel and international meetings; how to collaborate and support your partners; how to protect your staff; donor related issues; social inclusion and protection of vulnerable populations; and voices and perspectives from Lower-Middle income countries. Find out more.