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(1) Global Citizen Award Orientation: 21 & 24 October

Do you want to be part of the Global Citizen Award 2021 programme? Join one of our two upcoming orientations (via Zoom) to find out more about the new GCA programme requirements, meet GCA mentors, past participants and discuss how to do your reflective posts and action projects. We will discuss how you can take informed action around the UN Sustainable Development Goals! We are delighted to have Creativity and Change facilitate a discussion on action projects and using our new resource "Bank of Actions for Global Citizens".  The GCA is open to anyone over 18, based in Ireland and who has at least 1 week of overseas volunteering experience with a Comhlámh Code of Good Practice Signatory.
- 21 October: 4.30- 6.30pm. Register here
- 24 October: 2-4pm. Register here

(2) Global Health Education Ireland Symposium 2020 – “Learning From COVID-19 – Improving Health For All Through Global Health Education”: 9am-1pm, 23 October

This symposium will examine some of the current challenges of working with partners in far off countries when we cannot meet face to face. It will also reflect on the growing need for our health workforce in Ireland to be better equipped with global health skills due to global issues such as migration, climate change and the pandemic. Organised by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Institute of Global Surgery and the Global Health Strategic Working Group of the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies. Find out more.

(3) Forus Virtual Forum 2020: 22-28 October

The past months have undoubtedly presented unprecedented challenges for us all, and we hope you managed to keep strong despite the circumstances. At Forus, we have continued to work our best on upcoming crucial projects and events. Unfortunately, the 5th Forus’ General assembly initially planned in Cambodia from 24-28 October has been postponed to the first semester of 2021 under a different format given the circumstances. With inputs from our members, we have therefor decided to organise a Forus Virtual Forum with sessions on different topics important to civil society organisations. The first 3 days are open for everyone to join, with the last 2 days for members-only. Find out more

(4) Rising to the challenge: How can humanitarian evaluation better support system-wide learning?: 3-4.30pm, 26 October

Join ALNAP for a lively discussion on the current value and role of evaluation in supporting system-wide learning. We will discuss how evaluation practice can better inform decisions on building back better during COVID-19 and what needs to be done to overcome current obstacles to system-wide learning. Is the lack of system-wide learning due to how evaluations are conducted, or to how evaluations are commissioned and utilised after completion? How can the sector as a whole become more strategic in identifying evidence gaps and areas where evaluative evidence is abundant, but not fully utilised? ALNAP will also launch Evalmapper, its new online evaluation mapping tool, designed to support more coordinated and strategic approaches to learning from the vast evaluation evidence base currently available on ALNAP’s HELP Library. Find out more.

(5) Léargas Forum Online: 3 & 10 November

Celebrating the Achievements and Impact of European Programmes in Ireland 2014-2020. We are delighted to invite you to the 2020 Léargas Forum, which will be held virtually for the first time.  As we cannot gather as we usually do, we are hosting our annual flagship event online for two mornings on 03 and 10 November. Both events will include insightful and inspiring highlights and reflections celebrating the experiences and impact of European programmes over the last seven years in Ireland. We will also look to the new opportunities available from next year. We look forward to connecting with you at the Léargas Forum Online 2020. Find out more.

(6) The Finance in Common Summit: 9-12 November

Building Resilience for People and Planet. Join the first global summit of all pubic development banks. The Summit will stress the crucial role of Public Development Banks (PDBs) in reconciling short-term countercyclical responses with sustainable recovery measures that will have a long-term impact on the planet and societies. By reconciling the entire finance community in support of common action for climate and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Finance in Common Summit will be a key milestone on the way to the crucial events of 2021, notably the COP26, the COP15 and the Generation Equality Forum. Find out more.

(7) Oxfam Novib Webinar Series on Influencing Networks

Oxfam Novib recently launched the book ‘Beating the Drum: Stories of Influencing Networks’. It explores the efforts of nine networks around the world to influence decision makers on a variety of issues. In November 2020 we will host four webinars to deepen discussions on some of the topics from the book. Register here by 5 November. Find out more.
Webinar 1: Community Mobilization (12 Nov)
Webinar 2: Mutual Capacity Strengthening (17 Nov)
Webinar 3: Shifting the Power to the South (26 Nov)
Webinar 4: French launch of 'Tambour Battant' (3 Dec)

(8) EWB Ireland Resilience Webinar Series: Rethinking Communities in a post-Covid World: every Wednesday at 1.30pm

EWB Ireland are continuing their Resilience webinar series this autumn, at the same time as during the summer months: every Wednesday at 1.30pm. This series, EWB are linking the themes of our episodes with the Sustainable Development Goals. The work/research of each speaker will align with and explore key SDGs. Speakers' topics range from innovating manufacturing and logistics for the humanitarian sector, to the movement for degrowth, to the need for universal design for resilient cities and much more. Presentations last around 25 minutes and are followed by a Q and A session. Register here.

(9) Sphere Webinar Series: Applying humanitarian standards to the global COVID-19 response 

Between June and November 2020, Sphere will host a series of webinars to share good practice and technical guidance on humanitarian standards in the COVID-19 response. The series includes seven multi-language and globally-interconnected webinars on humanitarian standards and their application to the COVID-19 response.
- 22 October: Human mobility and COVID-19. Lessons from South America
- 28 October: Palliative care and COVID-19. Challenges for the humanitarian sector
- 3 November: Humanitarian standards matter. COVID-19: Local and global perspectives