Dochas Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Dóchas was created by our member organisations as a place for overseas development organisations to come together, learn from each other and further improve their long term impact.

Dochas Strategic Plan


Through Dóchas, our members work on issues that are better dealt with together and they turn to Dóchas to provide strength and coherence to the sector and to provide thought leadership. Dóchas helps organisations identify gaps in their work as well as opportunities to innovate and improve our collective impact on global poverty and inequality.

The Dóchas Strategic Plan was developed in 2015 and agreed by Dóchas members at the Dochas AGM on the 7 May 2015. It will come into effect on January 1, 2016.

From 2016-2020 the work of Dóchas will focus on the following 4 strategic priorities:

1. Build expertise

Connecting organisations and people and stimulate the exchange of experience to build a bigger shared knowledge base and to prompt the practical application of lessons learnt and insights gained. Ensure the relevance and impact of those working for global justice, by articulating and disseminating core professional standards and ethical guidelines.

2. Build our voice

Equipping our members to strengthen their ability to advocate on behalf of marginalised communities of people and build our capacity to coordinate, represent, educate and mobilise people and organisations working towards global justice.

3. Build alliances

Providing inspiring thought leadership and forge alliances and partnerships with organisations and people that can help bring new solutions and increased scale to approaches to building global solidarity and global justice.

4. Build our network

Strengthening our accountable and effective network, so that the organisation can achieve its mission and vision and support a movement forglobal justice in the long term.

For more information you can read the full text of our 2015-2020 Strategc Plan and it can also be downloaded from the related downloads section below.