Dóchas Collaboration Award 2019

The Dóchas Awards, now in their fifth year, are an opportunity to come together and celebrate the inspiring humanitarian and development work of individuals and organisations in the Dóchas network. Find out more about the Dóchas Awards 2019, the other award categories and the Dóchas Awards Photography Competition.

The Collaboration Award is a new award category celebrating the theme of this year’s awards, collaboration. It recognises an organisation that has demonstrated the importance building effective relationships and working in collaboration with diverse actors, including promoting dialogue, tolerance, and understanding. This can be demonstrated through a specific project or a strategic way of working. 

Nominations for this award have now closed.


  • Organisation must be a Dóchas member

  • Organisation must

    • demonstrate working in collaboration with diverse actors towards a shared goal

    • demonstrate promoting tolerance and understanding in its collaborations

    • be carrying out work that promotes respect for human rights and dignity

  • New and Innovative ways of bringing diverse actors together towards a shared goal will be highly considered

  • Organisation's collaboration must have learning elements for the sector