Dóchas Respect and Equality in Communications Award 2018

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The Respect and Equality in Communications Award celebrates inspiring Communications. It recognises an organisation that uses empowering images and messages in their communications, that challenge stereotypes and are based on the values of respect, equality, solidarity and justice, in line with the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages.



WINNER 2018: This Is Palestine, Trócaire

Photo of woman from This Is Palestine documentary

Sundus Al-Azzeh from Hebron. Palestinians are banned from parts of the historic centre of Hebron due to the presence of Israeli settlers. Sundus and her family have experienced physical and verbal abuse and harassment from both settlers and the Israeli military who enforce segregation in the city. Credit: John McColgan (May 2016)

How did this Communications piece use empowering and respectful communications?

‘This Is Palestine’ tells the story of one of the world’s longest-running conflicts through the words of people affected by it. Featuring powerful testimonies from both Palestinians and Israelis, the documentary allows the voices of people in the region to guide viewers through the reality of conflict and occupation.

As well as giving a platform to voices that are too often silenced, the documentary challenges perceptions by getting behind the politics to hear the human stories. At its core, the documentary highlights the need for equality, solidarity and justice. It celebrates the actions of people in the region who work for these ideals and urges people in Ireland to do what they can to ensure a future based on peace, equality and justice.

‘This Is Palestine’ has been viewed over 600,000 times online. In September 2018 it was screened on TG4. It has also been screened at events and talks throughout the country, as well as winning ‘Best Documentary’ at the Underground Film Festival, receiving a commendation at the Radharc Awards and being shortlisted at the ‘Silk Road Film Festival’. Its success has brought the reality of conflict and occupation into homes all over Ireland.

Watch 'This Is Palestine'.

Children #UPROOTED, UNICEF Ireland

Children Uprooted photo

UNICEF Ireland Youth Ambassadors Natasha Maimba (L) and Minahil Sarfraz speak to European Commission vice-president Kristalina Georgieva at the UN (September 2016)

How did this Communications piece use empowering and respectful communications?

Children #UPROOTED is a UNICEF Ireland campaign centred around children living in Ireland who are refugees and migrants. This educational campaign has lessons for primary and secondary students to raise awareness and knowledge of children's rights and the specific experiences of children who have been uprooted from their homes, families and cultures through video and classroom discussion.

As part of the campaign five migrant and refugee children, from the ages of 9 to 23, have shared their lives on video in order to start important conversations in Ireland.  

These videos were then incorporated into workshops for primary and secondary schools. These workshops introduce students to the reasons (root causes) why families decide it is time to go and the obstacles they face during their journey.

On arrival, our young people faced many challenges which they share openly in their video blogs. The workshops explore these in detail, from their sense of belonging, their new cultural identities, myths about their homeland and stereotypes about their culture. The campaign aims to help young people learn more about what support has helped refugee and migrants feel at home in Ireland and how they have found their voice and hope that their peers will find a voice in support of the rights of every child.
Designed to help generate positive shifts in values and attitudes towards diversity and solidarity with refugees and migrants, students in the workshop learn:

  • To identify the rights of children

  • To identify root causes of the global, local and personal understanding of displacement

  • To identify their own cultural lens and how it impacts on relating to others

  • To increase their activism in support of refugee and migrant children

Watch the Children Uprooted videos.

Nothing Will Stop Me, Brighter Communities Worldwide

Photo of singers from Nothing Will Stop Me campaign

Musicians from sub-Sahara Entertainment performing the campaign anthem ‘Nothing Will Stop Me’ at Kipsirichet School, Kericho County, Kenya on Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 2018)

How did this Communications piece use empowering and respectful communications?

One of the biggest issues facing girls and women in communities in Kenya where Brighter Communities Worldwide (BCW) works is menstrual hygiene management (MHM). Each month girls and women miss out on school and work because they don’t have access to sanitary products, clean water and knowledge on reproductive health. 

In April 2018 BCW launched a campaign called Nothing Will Stop Me to get people talking about menstrual hygiene. The campaign is about removing myths around menstruation, confronting taboos and raising awareness. The campaign also raised funds to support BCW programmes providing infrastructure, education and reusable pads in schools and the community. Ireland and Kenya collaborated on the campaign but it was planned and implemented from Kenya.

The campaign used positive messaging to show that lack of MHM has an impact on entire communities and is not only the concern of girls and women. The plan was to make a lot of noise around a topic that is usually spoken about in whispers. Methods used included a Thunder Clap with online supporters, social media posts, enewsletters, hashtag, posters, a logo and infographics, radio interviews, a song and video. It culminated in the biggest ever BCW celebration for Global Menstrual Hygiene Day in May. More than 2,500 children and adults attended, taking part in workshops and activities about MHM. The highlight was a concert with musicians from Nairobi performing the campaign song written by Suzanne Gachukia-Opembe. The song is a clear message to women and girls that nothing should stop them achieving their dreams. 

Listen to the Nothing Will Stop Me campaign song and watch the music video.





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