What is The World's Best News?

27 august 2015

Naomi Linehan, Media Officer for Dóchas and The European Year for Development, gives her thoughts on The World's Best News 

‘Breaking News.’ ‘This just in.’ These are phrases we’ve become all too familiar with. What it usually means is, brace yourself, bad news is on the way. But why does news have to be bad? Research shows that the constant proliferation of bad news is making us all feel helpless. If you’re constantly told what’s wrong with the world you may start to think that nothing is getting better and that you are powerless to change things – the problems seem insurmountable. This is because we are often only being told one side of the story. And it is a story that can often lead to stereotyping, to a simplification of truth. If you only hear ‘foreign news’ stories when disaster strikes, you may begin to feel that there is only bad news in other parts of the world, or that the world is a frightening place.

Well, we’ve got some good news for you. In fact, we have The World’s Best News for you! The reality is, there IS good news. And it happens every day, around the globe. And this is what The World’s Best News is all about. It's about breaking that negative news cycle. 

The World’s Best News is an initiative which brings together stories of positive change from around the world. It shows that there are people everywhere who are making a difference, and are empowering others to do the same. Around the world every day there is progress taking place. Extreme poverty has been halved in the past 15 years, 91% of children in developing countries are now enrolled in school, and girls and boys now have unprecedented levels of equality when it comes to education. These are just some of the good news facts that never seem to make the mainstream news agenda.

On September 17th The World’s Best News newspaper will be launched by Dóchas and it will be available in locations around the country. Hundreds of people will take to the streets to spread the positive news that development is working, and to celebrate that things are getting better, and that there is hope for the future. The world has set a challenge to itself – to eliminate extreme poverty by the year 2030. Though this may seem like an incredible task ahead, if we look at how far we have come, we can feel confident that we must keep going, that we must keep fighting for what is right, for happier, healthier lives for people all over the world, for global justice, the end to inequality, and a better future for the planet. Dóchas means 'hope' and that's just what this is all about. Hope.

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Stay tuned for the 2015 edition of The World's Best News - coming on September 17th

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At the launch of the 2014 World's Best News