Offer for Dóchas Members: Leadership Coaching Programme

18 may 2017

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Dóchas have an opportunity for our members to participate in a leadership training pilot programme, with facilitator, coach and consultant Catherine Vaughan.


About Leadership Coaching & Supervision Groups

The idea of group coaching is becoming more prevalent as a way for leaders to access support and challenge in an efficient and effective way. It is derived from among other things the practices of T-Groups (Lewin 1946) and Organisational Supervision (Copeland 2005). Both approaches have been successfully used within the healthcare, legal and academic sectors to support professionals, to develop their professional practise and to develop closer and more productive working relationships with their professional colleagues and clients.

Coaching/supervision groups provide a space where there is time to reflect, to gain insights, to be honest and open about the dilemmas and challenges faced in your work and life, and resolve issues in collaboration with peer colleagues and a professional facilitator.

The environment created is based on the foundation of a relationally contracted agreement between members about the boundaries of the work, confidentiality, psychological safety, trust and accepted behaviour. This provides the basis for deep and meaningful work, which is usually more rich than the combined inputs of all members. The power of group work and learning provides people with not just insight from discussing their own issues, but also insight and learning from their colleagues; it provides wider perspective on issues and presents more options for resolution than might previously have been accessible. An additional opportunity is for members to deepen their personal awareness about the impact of their behavioural style on others, and through feedback to make refinements and develop skills.

A benefit of the groups meeting at intervals, over time, is that there is plenty of support to help members to experiment with new approaches between meetings, to take agreed actions and to come back and review in a supportive environment. This approach makes it more likely that people will adopt new habits and change will be embedded more deeply.

Session content will be dependent on what each member wishes to address. Each person will get 30 minutes of time to outline their challenge or issue; they then sit back while their colleagues discuss what they have heard in terms of ideas, responses, feelings evoked, imaginations, different views etc. (The “observer” position provides a less reactive space for the person to consider a wealth of information and feelings without becoming engaged in it). The person then re-enters the group and discusses insights, ideas and becomes engaged in creative resolution or decision making.

The benefits:

  • Group based work which provides depth and range of support and challenge
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Personal attention and learning combined with learning from others
  • Practical because it is based on exactly what people want to discuss and resolve
  • Contracted so that all members feel safe to discuss challenges openly and to trust that they will remain confidential
  • Change can be tracked and supported over time.

Who is it suitable for?

Individuals from member organisations who want to develop their leadership skills. People from a range of disciplines are welcome to apply.

How will it work?

  • 4 people sign up to become part of an on-going coaching/supervision quartet with a professional facilitator (Catherine Vaughan) as their Coach
  • Meetings for 2 hours every 4 weeks, for a contracted six meetings – dates will be set before the group commences
  • In each session, each person would get 30 minutes Coaching on a topic of their choosing
  • The benefit of group Coaching is that as well as individual attention and insight, people also learn from the Coaching of their peers.

The cost per person for 6 x 2 hour sessions is €750.

Interested in participating? Register your interest now.

This offer is for individuals working for Dóchas member organisations only. If your organisation is interested in Dóchas membership, we'd love to hear from you. All the information you need about applying for membership is here on our website.