ODI #DevPix: improving how development organisations use photography

27 july 2015

Earlier this month, the ODI in the UK organised a Twitter Chat on #DevPix: a public discussion on "the dos and don'ts of development photography". (Click here to see a record of the discussions)

This topic, of how NGO communications strengthen or challenge stereotypes about developing countries, is a theme that has been central to our work at Dóchas: For many years now we have commissioned research and promoted initiatives that redress the balance.

Dochas Code of Conduct Image on photography from Illustrative Guide to the Code

Our Code of Conduct made it mandatory for Irish NGOs to safeguard human dignity in all their public communications, and our "World's Best News" project highlighted many of the wonderful initiatives taken by people in poor countries.

And many of our members do their best to challenge established notions, too.

The latest initiative in this regard comes from SERVE, who organised a photo challenge in South Africa.

In the coming months, we will use this blog to highlight many more interesting initiatives that help challenge stereotypes and improve understanding of the multiple realities of life in developing countries. So stay tuned!

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