Irish NGOs write to Government calling for more action on Development Finance

03 march 2015

This year the international community will make critical decisions in three processes that will shape the future of our planet and of human kind. The outcomes of these three processes and summits will have an impact on the lives of millions people and the planet. And we are very proud that Ireland is playing a leading role in the key process at the heart of all these global decision-making processes: the articulation of a set of new sustainable development goals.

This is the opening paragraph from a letter sent by Dóchas to the Sean Sherlock TD, Minister of State for Development, referring to three key summits taking place in 2015

The letter (which is available here) calls on the Irish Government to make sure the European Union takes a lead role in the current round of international negotiations for a better world. 

Irish NGOs write to Government calling for more action on Development Finance

"The EU’s delivery of sustainable development and climate commitments cannot be premised on other countries’ performance. The EU must demonstrate its willingness to be a credible yet bold and progressive negotiating partner.” 

And according to Dóchas, this means delivering on the agreement made in 2000 to increase Ireland’s (and the EU’s) overseas aid programme to the equivalent of 0.7% of national income. (Ireland currently spends 0.4% of GNI on official development assistance)

Official Development Assistance (ODA) remains a crucial tool for poverty reduction and therefore ahead of Addis Ababa the EU and especially its member states must demonstrate respect for their 40 year old commitment to allocate 0.7% GNI to ODA with a predictable and binding timetable. This should, naturally, apply to Ireland too, as experience has shown that timetables or the achievement of the 0.7% GNI/ODA target are too easily missed in the absence of a credible implementation plan and multi-annual commitments to the ODA budget.”


Let your local TD know that you expect her/him to keep pressure on the Government.

Use our TD finder, to contact your TD, and ask them to make sure Ireland keeps to its part of the international agreement on fighting extreme poverty. 


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