The Irish Development Education Sector

10 september 2015

The Irish Development Education sector is alive and well, and has been praised internationally for being of high quality. (At present, the sector is the subject of a peer review process, the results of which will be available in the autumn)

Many organisations are active in Development Education in Ireland, and some 120 organisations are currently listed as members of the network of practitioners, IDEA

Many of these organisations produce development education "resources" (books, leaflets, briefing papers, etc) to help learners discover themes and issues related to global development. But the sheer number of publication means that it is hard to see what is already out there, and whether there is duplication of effort. was commissioned by Irish Aid to undertake an audit of available development education resources, to create an online database of such resources. The results of their audit have now been published, and are available online. In total, they found 236 papers and books in use in the Development Education sector over the last decade - with most of them produced in the last four or five years.

The results of the audit have been analysed, and you can read the findings here.