Ireland's commitment to a new global deal

07 october 2015

By Hans Zomer

This post was oringinally published in Irish Times Letters 5th October.

As Fiach Kelly wrote in the Irish Times, September 25th marked a proud moment for Ireland . On that day, Taoiseach Enda Kenny announced Ireland’s commitment to a new global deal negotiated under Irish leadership.

The Taoiseach rightly highlighted the transformative nature of this new global agreement and he called for action to implement it. We welcome this call to action, as well as the Taoiseach’s promise to support an Oireachtas debate on the sustainable development goals.

Such a debate would be a great starting point to arrive at a national plan of action and would send the right signal to all government departments as to the seriousness with which this Government is taking the goals. Similarly, in presenting Budget 2016 to the Oireachtas, the Government has an outstanding chance to show it is willing to make the choices required to bring the goals home to Ireland.

Having helped to give birth to the sustainable development goals, the Government now has the chance to match its words with action on climate, inequality, education, health and overseas aid.

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