Dóchas Awards Photo Competition

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At this year’s Dóchas Awards, we will showcase the work of our members through the visual art of photography.

The year 2018 marks many significant global anniversaries. Two in particular resonate strongly with the work of our member organisations:

  • The 100th Anniversary of Irish women being granted the right to vote (6 February 1918)

  • The 70th Anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948)

To mark these events, Dóchas invited individuals working or volunteering for Dóchas member organisations to submit one photo that showcases the work of their organisation related to the themes of either of the above anniversaries. The photo had to capture either:

  • Profile of work related to women’s empowerment

  • Profile of work related to protecting and defending Human Rights

Twelve photos will be selected and a Dóchas calendar will be produced, showcasing one photo for each month of the year. The photos will also be displayed at the Dóchas Awards 2018 ceremony on 5 December 2018 in Wood Quay Venue, Dublin.

Entry to the Dóchas Awards 2018 Photography Competition closed on 24 September.



Please submit your photo according to the following requirements:

  • One photo per person 

  • Ensure the photo adheres to the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages

  • All photos should be submitted as JPEG files (.jpg)

  • Resolution should be medium/high (minimum of 1,000 pixels on shorter side of image, maximum of 4,000)

  • Photos must be credited

  • Each photo must have a minimum file size of 2.5mb and no greater than 5mb

  • A caption must be included which briefly explains the photo:

    • Describe who is in the photo and what is going on in the photo

    • Name the village, city, state and country where the photo was taken

    • Provide the date the photo was taken

  • Provide a brief paragraph explaining the context of the photo in relation to the work of the organisation - link to a particular programme, campaign, etc.

Entry to the Dóchas Awards 2018 Photography Competition closed on 24 September.



Dóchas is grateful for the support of our Partners for the Dóchas Awards 2018:

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