Core Values

Our members have a vision of how society could be, and they work to create a world where justice, equality, solidarity and respect for human rights are the norm.

Our work as Dóchas is driven by this vision and a belief that our support for people and organisations in developing countries can bring about real and positive change.

Dóchas, Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organisations, What is an NGO

Dóchas is a network. A meeting place of organisations committed to tackling poverty and inequality around the world.

Dóchas members have chosen to work together, because they share a commitment to these core principles behind their work:


  • Putting people at the heart of development;
  • Learning, evolving and changing by sharing experiences and expertise;
  • Encouraging everyone to believe they can be an agent of change;


  • Working together, in different but complementary ways, towards common goals;
  • Setting - and applying - standards of accountability and integrity;


  • Increasing impact by advocating for structural change;
  • Putting local challenges in a global context.

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And find out about our key strategic partners, such as Irish Aid and EU-wide NGO coordination structure, CONCORD.