2013 Review of White Paper on Overseas Aid

Dochas White Paper Review
On 12 June 2011, the Minister for Trade and Development, Jan O’Sullivan, announced a review of the Government White Paper on Aid.
The new Irish Aid Policy Paper, One World, One Future: Ireland's Policy for International Development, which forms the basis of the Government's engagement with development cooperation, was launched on 2 May 2013.   
NGO Reactions to Irish Aid Policy for International Development
•    AIDS is not over: Ireland’s responsibility to help finish the job - A Policy Paper of the Dóchas HIV & AIDS Working Group
•    Comhlamh:  New Irish Aid White Paper 2013  
•    Concern Worldwide: EU Presidency and G8: “opportunities must be used”   
•    Dóchas: Comparing Ireland’s, Belgium’s and The Netherlands’ new Development Policies
•    Dóchas: Irish NGOs welcome Government’s reaffirmation that Ireland’s future depends on a stable and fairer world (Press Release)
•    Dóchas: Ireland’s new Development Policy – A word count analysis (Blog)
•    Irish Forum for Global Health
•    Progressio Ireland: “One World, One Future”: An important statement of intent
•    Sightsavers Ireland: Ireland’s new policy for international development
•    VSO Ireland: VSO welcomes new volunteering initiative in Irish Aid white paper
NGO Submissions to the White Paper Review Process
•    Dóchas Submission
•    Trócaire Submission
•    IDEA Submission
•    Self-Help Africa Submission
•    Just Forests Submission
•    Tearfund Submission
•    Disability Aid Abroad Submission
•    Disability Inclusion Taskforce Submission
•    Development Perspectives Submission
•    Irish Missionary Union Submission
•    NYCI Submission
•    Christian Aid Submission
•    Debt & Development Coalition Ireland Submission
•    Saint Vincent de Paul Submission
•    Children's Rights Coalition Submission
•    Concern Submission
•    Development Perspectives Submission
•    ElectricAid Submission
•    INTO Submission
•    Medecins Sans Frontieres Submission
•    Plan Ireland Submission
•    Progressio Submission
•    Sightsavers Submission
•    WHRA Submission
•    IFPA Submission
•    ASTI Submission
•    ICTU Submission
•    ICGCE Submission
•    DEAC Submission
•    Irish League of Credit Unions Submission
•    Transparency International Submission
•    CDLP Submission
•    Disability Federation Ireland Submission
•    Oxfam Ireland submission
•    JCGBV Submission
•    Comhlámh Submission
•    IHRC Submission
Background papers from the Dóchas Working Groups  
•    Background paper of the Development Education Working Group
•    Background paper of the Food & Livelihoods Security Working Group
•    Background paper of the HIV & AIDS Working Group
•    Background paper of the Humanitarian Aid Working Group

Political Party Submissions  
•    Fianna Fáil Submission
•    Sinn Féin Submission
Government Documents
•    Irish Aid website on the White Paper
•    Consultation paper for the review of the White Paper on Irish Aid
•    Review of the White Paper on Irish Aid
•    Minister O’Sullivan announces Review of White Paper on Irish Aid ahead of visit to Africa
•    Irish Aid information about the Review of the White Paper
•     Irish Aid Management Review  
•    White Paper on Irish Aid

Previous consultation submissions
•    Dóchas submission to the development of the Statement of Strategy 2011-2013 of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Dec 2010)
•    Dóchas submission to Irish Aid Management Review: “Building Capacity for Effective Action” (Nov 2007)
•    Dóchas submission to DCI's White Paper consultation (May 2005)
•    Dóchas members' Submissions to DCI's White Paper consultation (May 2005)
Other documents
•    Dóchas briefing paper on the review of Government White Paper on Irish aid (2011- 2012)
•    Dóchas introduction to White Paper Review
•    OECD Review 2009