Future of Dóchas

2015 is a year of great importance for “international development”:

Two major UN conferences will determine the priorities for “sustainable development” in both rich and poor countries (SDG summit in September, Climate Change summit in December; combined with a summit on Financing for Development in July).

During the year, we will encourage people to think of themselves as “change makers”, in the context of the European Year for Development 2015.

In addition, during the year, Dóchas hopes to agree a new multi-annual strategy for the network, to help focus and strengthen the way in which Irish Development organisations work together.

Interesting challenge to US NGOs. In Ireland, read 'Water' for 'Ferguson'

As a network of NGOs and organisations working for a better world, and as an organisation with ambitions to set an example through the standards we set for ourselves, we constantly assess our own performance and our ways of working. 

But we also know that the world around us is changing fast, and that what worked yesterday may not be effective again tomorrow. 

We want to invite you to share your thoughts on what Irish NGOs should do to stay relevant and effective. Please contact us via email or telephone, or leave a comment on our social media.

Your ideas do count! Share them with us. 

Thank you.


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