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(1) Nominations open for the 2017 Presidential Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad (PDSA)

There are six categories under which individuals can be nominated:

  • Irish Community Support

  • Arts, Culture and Sport

  • Charitable Works

  • Business and Education

  • Peace, Reconciliation and Development

  • Science, Technology and Innovation (additional category introduced in 2016)

In order to be eligible for consideration, nominees must be habitually resident outside the island of Ireland and are required to satisfy the following additional requirements:

(i)     have rendered distinguished service to the nation and/or its reputation abroad;

(ii)   have actively and demonstrably contributed to Ireland and/or its international reputation and/or Irish communities abroad in at least one of the categories listed above;

(iii)  have a track record of sustained support and engagement with Ireland and/or its international reputation and/or Irish communities abroad over a period of not less than 5 years.

Nominations can be made by any member of the public, but are submitted through the Embassy of Ireland in the country of residence of the nominee.   If you know someone who meets the criteria above, please complete the 2017 Nomination Form and forward it to the relevant Embassy for the country the nominee is resident in before Wednesday, 19 April.

(2) Call for papers - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Settings

For this issue of RHM, we invite articles that offer new insights and evidence to contribute to the global knowledge base regarding SRHR in humanitarian crises, particularly in relation to the themes outlined below:

  • Heightened Risk and Vulnerability

  • Interventions and Responses

  • Legal and Policy Issues

We welcome analytical pieces, critical perspectives, and policy and human rights analyses that interrogate these issues, and we encourage original research articles, along with commentaries and viewpoints. Further, we invite critical reflections regarding the methodological and ethical challenges of conducting SRHR research in humanitarian settings. We also encourage the submission of narratives from individuals with relevant first-hand experiences, as well as contributions from affected countries and from activists and actors working in this field.

Download the complete Call for Papers here. Deadline: 1 May.

(3) WorldWise Global Schools Grant Call 2017:

The WorldWise Global Schools (WWGS) Annual Grant Call, to support DE initiatives in Irish post-primary settings during the 2017/18 academic year, is now open for applications. The deadline for receipt of applications is 7th April 2017. Applications are invited from eligible organisations: schools, school clusters, NGOs and education networks. To register your interest and to receive more information please visit http://www.worldwiseschools.ie/grants-register/

(4) Invitation to participate in NGO research project by Dr. Jury Gualandris of UCD Smurfit School of Business

Dr. Gualandris has launched an international research project with the aim to understand how to manage NGO projects better and achieve a greater impact. He is looking to analyse various NGOs projects related to strategic themes such as land rights, food and livelihood, and water and hygiene.

NGOs in Ireland are kindly invited to participate in this research project and benefit from the results gained through the process. Participation in the research would require the following:

  • One preliminary meeting to discuss the research and identify a suitable project to be studied;

  • Approximately three or four interviews with the project leader and other team members;

  • Introduce team to other key organisations involved in the project, and encourage their involvement in this research; and

  • One team member highly involved throughout the project will fill a short survey.

For further information, please email Dr. Gualandris at jury.gualandris@ucd.ie.